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Dishwasher is an essential item in your kitchen nowaday. Dishwashers are often considered the most expendable of the three major kitchen appliances but convenience is just one of the reasons why you want to own a dishwasher: save time – money – water – skin and a lot benefits for you beyond cleaning your dishes. That why you should dress it up now and bring life back into your kitchen appliance with an amazing image cover. Don’t let your dishwasher have a functional but dull and boring front?

Product descriptions :

  • Appliance dishwasher covers are made of PVC film applied to industrial grade, which makes our covers smudge, water and heat resistant as well as easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to Cut & Trim with a Box Cutter or Scissors
  • Sticks Instantly & Can Be Removed & Reapplied
  • These dishwasher covers hide scratches, dents or other unsightly marks on your dishwasher – instantly, effortlessly and affordably
  • Heat resistant and water repellant for easy clean up.

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