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Hello, we’re Teellover – A Member of TeeXCorp, and this is what we do.TeeAllover – The unit that specializes in Fulfilling Print on demand product lines

  • TeeAllover offers a sophisticated platform for E2E commerce, a rapidly emerging category that focuses on the full e-commerce value chain. The company provides the tools and resources for online retailers to build completely independent and scalable online businesses, giving them complete control of their customer relationships and enabling infinite scale. TeeAllover customers range from regional and specialty outlets to large global brands. 
  • About producing, in addition to having a factory in China, TeeAllover is also one of the rare fulfillments that have a factory in Vietnam! To optimize products and production processes to bring the best price and quality to the seller community, TeeAllover constantly focuses on research and production processes to launch. Currently, TeeAllover has more than 200 different products of different types from Apparel, Blanket, Shoes, Accessories, … helping sellers easily choose and sell suitable products on many different platforms.
  • About the system, TeeAllover has a modern, easy-to-use system that automatically integrates with Shopify, Woo and can be fulfilled quickly by CSV on all other sales platforms.
  • About shipping, we offer fast shipping. Especially, shipping in the US only takes from 5-7 days with base cost including shipping fee worldwide.
  • Besides, TeeAllover owns a dedicated support system 24/7, ready to support the seller on the move.
  • Website
    • http://www.TeeAllover.com/
  • Email: admin@teeallover.com/teeallover@gmail.com
  • Industry
    • Internet
  • Company size
    • 15-50 employees
  • Founded
    • 2017
  • Specialties
    • Online Storefronts, Payment Processing, Back Office Support, and E commerce
  • Contact us
    • Submit form here
    • Dedicated support ticket here
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USA: TeeXcorp LLC

16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, County of Sussex, USA

UK: TeeXcorp LTD

24-26 Arcadia Avenue, Dephna House #105, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, N3

Singapore: TeeXcorp PTE .LTD
68 Circular Road #02-01, 049422, Singapore

Representative Office:
34T building, Hoang Dao Thuy St, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline: 0966869882

eMail: hr@teexcorp.com