Here is a new feature that can help you to upload tracking number for orders in a quick way.

Firstly, After you have successfully logged in or registered, Go to “Import Tracking CSV” like tab below:

After That, Click (1)” Upload File” to choose the CSV file in locate your CSV file(If the file is not a CSV file, you can open The CSV in Google Sheet. Then Download to your Computer), Not XLS file next click Open. Click (2) “Import Tracking” to upload. You can see  ” Updated tracking For 8 Order Lineitem” to see if 8 orders have been successfully uploaded tracking numbers.

Note: You make sure that a CSV file must have 4 columns : Order ID, SKU, Tracking number, Quantity to update. Besides, You SHOULD add Tracking URL  Column. We will automatically add ”” into ” Tracking URL” column. You should insert specific links of the shipping carrier If The orders can’t track it at 17TRACK. 

If Sku numbers are the same, you must put tracking number on each own row. If you don’t do right way, Our system will not match your CSV file.

So, You go to the orders and you can refresh the page and we will see the tracking number.